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Our Why

Brookstone Realtors was founded with only one focus: providing massive value to change the lives of real estate agents. After years of being part of the old traditional real estate brokerages, we believed there was a better way. A company that was built for real estate agents to reach their highest potential while keeping their hard earned commission where it belongs: with the agent, NOT the brokerage. Too many times, we see brokerage firms charging agents outrageous fees and huge commission splits without providing any value to the agent at all. Everything we do, every decision we make, is based around what is BEST for our agents.

We believe the old way of real estate brokerage, where a company hires an agent, puts them on a brokerage heavy commission split, offers no real training and coaching, expects the agent to just figure it out on their own and provides no value, is over forever.

Our team believes in servant leadership. We believe that our leadership team serves the real estate agent, not the other way around. When you join Brookstone Realtors, you are joining a family. A family that deeply cares about your success, your life and your overall well-being. A company where you’re not just a number, a company where you can learn from the industry's top performers and a company that believes you should keep the money you earn. Welcome to Brookstone Realtors


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