Who We Are Welcome to Brookstone Realtors

Whether you’ve been in real estate for years or just getting started, we can probably agree the industry has changed and will continue to change. Being a top producing agent myself for many years listing and selling 75 plus homes a year, I became frustrated working for real estate companies where I had to give up 30%, 40%, even 50% of my commission, franchise fees and even a surprise at the end of each month with some sort of “Office Fee”. Not only was I giving up tons of my hard earned income, but most of the large real estate companies I worked for didn’t even provide the tools, technology or coaching I needed to support my level of production. I was left to incur even more cost having to go outside of my company for the tools and coaching I needed.
This is why when we started Brookstone Realtors, we made it our commitment that our company would provide every agent with industry leading tools, technology and coaching they need to be successful all the while giving our agents 100% of their hard earned commission from their very first day. We’ve built a company that so many agents have wanted for years, I’m proud to say, we’ve built this company for you, the agent.

Welcome to the family…

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Why Agents Are Joining Brookstone Realtors


The Brookstone Difference100% Commission

As top producing agents, we know how hard you work for your money and believe traditional 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% brokerage splits are a thing of the past. In our experience, most companies didn’t deserve all the money and fees we paid, that’s why agents at Brookstone Realtors receive 100% commission from their very first day.

And it’s not just about the money, in addition to our agents receiving 100% of their commission from day one, we’ve committed to providing our agents with the industries top lead generation tools, technology, coaching and support they need to achieve the goals they’ve set.


The Brookstone DifferenceAgent Advertising KVCORE/Kunversion

We know that the success of any business but especially in rea estate comes down to generating a consistent flow of new leads. This is why we provide all of our agents the industries #1 lead generation platform, KVCORE/Kunversion.

The Kunversion Platform includes:

  • Fully optimized IDX Lead Generation Website
  • FB & Google Advertising Automation
  • Fully integrated CRM with lead follow up automation
  • Industry leading behavioral automation
  • Listing marketing automation including Circlepix & PixSocial

The Brookstone DifferenceAgent Centric Culture

Unlike the big franchises that are broker centric businesses, we believe the agent comes first in everything we do and every decision that is made.

Our belief is simple, we do what is right for the agent, no matter what.


The Brookstone DifferenceNeed Leads, We Got You Covered

Many agents don’t have the budget or know how to generate leads yet, not to worry. We provide our agents with leads so that they can start prospecting an area as soon as they join. Oh yeah, and the agent does not pay for these leads or split their commission. That’s right, unlike other companies and teams, in most cases, agents have to give up 50% of their commission in order to receive leads. Not here.

The Brookstone DifferenceCoaching

At the core, Brookstone Realtors is a real estate agent coaching and training company, we just happen to own a brokerage.
Founder and CEO, Brandon Mulrenin has been coaching agents around the world teaching his reverse selling system and strategies for the past 5 years.
Agents with Brookstone Realtors will have the option of joining one of Brandon’s coaching programs at absolutely NO COST, other than hard work.

The Brookstone DifferenceYour Brand, Your Leads

We understand that the consumer does business because of you, the agent, not the real estate brokerage. We believe in helping our agents brand themselves.Unlike most large real estate companies, all the leads that come in on your listings, branding and marketing go to YOU.

As top agents, we couldn’t stand when companies required us to put their phone number and information on our listings so they could give our leads to other agents. This is just another reason why we have our agent centric culture.

The Brookstone Difference Culture Of High Achievement

Agents come to our company to reach for greatness.We celebrate success, we push to get uncomfortable, we’re competitive, we understand failure is part of the process and our agents are willing to pay the price to achieve their goal. We’re here to push you, support you and help you accomplish all that you’re striving for and more.

The Brookstone DifferenceServant Leadership

At Brookstone Realtors, we don’t believe in managers.
We believe in servant leadership.
This means that we work for the agents, not the other way around. You see, we believe it’s our responsibility to help you achieve the goals you’ve set. Yes, you have to do the work, however as servant leaders, we spend every waking hour striving to help the agent succeed at the highest level.

The Brookstone DifferenceBrookstoneGrowth Incentive

It’s our belief, that our agents are more like partners and thus we treat it that way.Agents at Brookstone Realtors have the opportunity to work fee free. How?It’s simple, all an agent has to do, is introduce five agents that join the company and that agent will be fee free for life! That’s right, as long as the five agents they introduced to company stay, the agent will pay nothing, zip, zilch to the company for membership dues or transactions dues.

Meet Our Broker and CEO

Brandon Mulrenin

Co-Founder, CEO

With over 13 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, Brandon has also consistently been in the top 5% of all producing real estate agents selling over 100 homes a year. In 2014, Brandon was named top agent for North Oakland County and was also awarded the top listing agent and top team award for Keller Williams Realty – North Oakland. In recent years, Brandon has also been training and coaching other real estate agents to also become top producing agents. His love and passion to helping other agents reach their highest potential was the main driving force and motivation behind why he wanted to start a real estate company. His vision for impacting the real estate industry and passion for helping other agents become their best is truly inspiring.